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I couldn’t be happier with the suggestions and recommendations I received from Rob at Minimalist Audio. I am not new to the world of audio but I was new to great audio at a price mere mortals could afford. Rob’s patience with question after question, comparison after comparison may have tested him but he never failed to answer them. Music and its reproduction is a personal choice and I appreciated Rob’s guidance throughout, even though we have differences in our preferences he provided honest answers and didn’t try to push our budget limit. We purchased Parasound and RBH equipment and now enjoy our new system immensely! Hundred of albums, CDs, and digital content all have a new lease on life! Rob knows what he is doing and can help anyone build a system that will sound great! Rob at Audio Boutique
will not steer you wrong!

John F.,
Washington, U.S.A.

I had a wonderful experience with Robert and Minimalist Audio. In a world of online buying, it's difficult to find a retailer and owner dedicated to good sound. Robert answered all emails promptly and we also had a few phone conversations. Robert was a wealth of knowledge and I never felt pressured to purchase or pushed on an up-sell. I was so happy that I purchased 2 systems from Audio Boutique. Let's show our support for independent retailers such as Robert.
I highly recommend Robert and Audio Boutique and have no regrets.

Brian L.,
Ontario, Canada


The speakers sound great, they fill my room nicely. I wanted to say thanks for the prompt and courteous service I received from you, it was a pleasure, thanks again.

Rob G.,
Ontario, Canada


Fast and reasonable shipping to Ontario, excellent communications, product exactly as described. Will buy here again.

Cacey S.,
Ontario, Canada


I must say that it has been more than pleasant to do business with Minimalist Audio, even if we are separated by more than 4000 km. Rob's advice was correct and I never was under the impression that he was trying to sell me an item that was not suitable to my needs. My many requests were promptly answered
and always oriented to my satisfaction.
The Omega speakers that I bought are simply astonishing. At first, the transparency of these speakers could be, somehow, destabilizing in regard of what we are accustomed to hear . The recommended break in must also imply a break in of the ear to that sound, but once it is done, I suspect there is no turning back. I’ve heard some well known highly regarded speakers paired with well known highly regarded amplification and the sound was far from being as lively as the
Omegas are with my new Audio Zone Amp STi.
This amplifier seems to be a perfect match for the Omegas. Once paired together, you forget about either. Soundstage is great (and I suspect that it can be even better if it was not for my room limitations). Probably one of the best quality price ratio that I ever owned. And above all, it is proudly Canadian.
I already recommended this amp on a post as a combo with the Omegas.
My discovery of Minimalist Audio was made through my research of
a Canadian dealer for Omega Speakers.
It was easy to find when I looked under the ‘Dealers’ link on the Omega site.
The DNM cables are amazing. It makes you wonder about the cable phenomenon that is occurring in audio circles. I feel these cables fit perfectly with the fast response of the speakers. Of course, limitation comes mostly from the ears and as far as I’m concerned I’m pretty happy about the sound, and the simplicity of the DNM cable construction (22g solid core).

Pierre G.,
Quebec, Canada


Rob at Minimalist Audio was a pleasure to deal with online (quick informative replies, prompt shipping). My Omega sub was a bit of a leap of faith backed up with a bunch of online research (as most of us with the audio addiction do). It turns out that the people at Omega speakers do indeed make a nimble cone; it keeps up with with my Magnepan 1.7s with no audio phase smearing even when fully exposed with detailed bass (standup in live jazz) at volume.

Thanks Rob!

British Columbia, Canada


Rob is a first rate dealer -- and a first rate guy!
I purchased a Decware amp, Omega speakers, and a KingRex DAC from Rob. The shipment arrived very quickly and was expertly packed.
This was my first experience with high res digital audio, so I was completely lost. Rob spent HOURS on the phone with me, patiently walking me through it all. I'm now in audio bliss!

Michael S.,
British Columbia, Canada


Rob is an excellent person to deal with.
He recommended Omega Super 3 XRS speakers for my system and I couldn't be happier with them. The speakers made it from US east coast to Alberta in 2 days.
I would not hesitate to buy from Minimalist Audio again.
Warmest recommendation!

Sean P.,
Alberta, Canada


As I wanted to try getting into low wattage, SET tube amps, and a speaker system to go with it, I contacted Robert Martin at Minimalist Audio in British Columbia. Robert was extremely helpful in guiding me through the spectrum of possibilities available. He gave precise advice on what he viewed as appropriate for the amps I already owned. I took his advice and placed an order for a pair of Hoyt Bedford hand made in the United States. The speakers arrived within the time promised and Robert gave good advice about dealing with customs which turned out to be easy. After this I pestered him with numerous questions about speaker stands and placement. Robert always answered promptly by phone or lengthy e-mails and seemed happy to do so. I would also remark that Robert is a straightforward fellow: when he was not particularly impressed with some of my electronics he politely told me so and without trying to sell me something else. I appreciated his candour.
In light of this experience, I would highly recommend his store. He is honest, informative, helpful, patient, and offers assistance after your purchase.
Now you can't ask for more than that.

Donald Y.,
Ontario, Canada


Mr. Martin offers very fine audiophile equipment indeed. His courteous, knowledgeable, and professional service makes for an
excellent audio buying experience.
Listening to the Omega's as I type this: always amazing, and always ear opening

British Columbia, Canada


As a guitar player, I have a long love of tube produced sound. Likewise I was searching for a quality but affordable tube amp and quality speakers for my home stereo system. Came across the Minimalist Audio site, and liked the selection of quality gear and the affordable price. Rob Martin is knowledgable and helpful with assisting in choosing what you need, and offers excellent service and quick response from start to finish of a sale. He also pointed out the downfall of Mp3 vs. FLAC files, which I am now converting my CD's to FLAC for much better audio.

Thanks Minimalist Audio and Rob Martin!

Alberta, Canada

Hi Rob, So here goes; The Hoyt Bedford 1.5s are probably the most delightful anomaly I have ever encountered! They are at once warmly coloured sounding, and the most ruthlessly revealing speaker I have heard in recent memory. I don't think there's much of a secret to getting great sound from a pair of Hoyt 1.5s, rather you just find your favourite sounding amplifier, regardless of power and, as I found out, regardless of price, and have at 'er. One of the most pleasant surprises was how even and articulate these speakers sounded with a basic Marantz AV receiver. But nothing really prepared me for the sound quality I achieved by pairing the Hoyt 1.5 with a Naim SuperNait! Phenomenal bass and stunning tone! There is really only one problem you are presented with the Hoyt Bedford 1.5, well two actually; 1) keep them away from side walls!, 2) There are very few recordings of sufficient quality for the 1.5s to sound their best. If you want to hear just how compressed and flat your favourite pop recordings are, then the 1.5 is the perfect speaker for you, but cue up, say, Joshua Redman's excellent "Freedom In the Groove" album, or really anything from the ECM label, and the ensuing results are staggering. Certainly there are no other speakers near this price point capable of this level of realism. So, not a loudspeaker for the casual listener, I suppose. One other item that really does need mention is the finish. Again, there just aren't any other speakers finished to this degree of excellence at this price point. Maybe you can get some nice cabinets out of Asia, but take a closer look and you'll see some compromises. It would seem that at Hoyt Bedford (and Omega for that matter) build quality need not make concessions to economy. Perhaps the only compromise to be made is in regard to Louis Chochos' take home pay! So, for some, the 1.5 is an imperfect speaker. For others, who maybe know what they're doing, the 1.5 is a blessing. For me, well, they're just a blast, and a learning experience as well.

Thanks again Rob!

Calgary, Alberta

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