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Minimalist Audio has been recommending Decware amps for a long time, even before their demand soared and went from a 4 week wait to a 12 week wait to have one built (but well worth the wait). Decware is possibly one of the top tube amp manufacturers on the planet. When we discovered them 8 years ago we were blown away, but Steve has upgraded his amps over the years and with each new upgrade the sound goes to another level. Also, no planned obsolescence. They are a long term investment. That's why you see so few on the used market, and when they do come up they go for a premium price and are snapped up quickly. Truly Decware has a cult following.

All Decware amps are available to us. More Info

Why buy Decware from Minimalist Audio and not off the Decware website?
1) We are lower priced, as we don't charge for shipping*
2) Canadians can pay in Canadian dollars.
3) We are very accessable to answer your questions.

We will not be posting Decware pricing as they have many options available.
The CAD price for Decware is the U.S. price x the going exchange rate.
Canada Post collects the tax.
*Half the shipping is paid for the basic SE84UFO - all other amps are free shipping.

decware super zen select set amplifier with black figured base
decware se84ufo2 set amplifier  with cherry base
decware se34i.5 set amplifier with black figured base
decware torii mk4 pp amplifier with black figured base

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