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ideal innovations elite80 pp amplifier with cherry base

Elite 80 (shown with optional drop in wood base)
Now with lifetime warranty

How can such a thing be?  A 20 watt per channel RMS push pull tube amp, made in Canada using North American power supply and output transformers and American made NOS tubes and built like a tank?  Add to that, a sound quality that leaves one in utter disbelief.....all for a $ong?  Such a thing is accomplished by leaving all frills out and concentrating on the one thing that counts, the sound.  Simple, but very solid construction, simple circuitry, and small production runs make this amp affordable.  They are hand built with no compromise in quality, but wood base and more features can be added as options.  This amp is fast, clear, detailed, fluid, with a bottom end that is nothing short of astounding. Most people will likely put this amp with budget quality speakers which will no doubt make them sound incredible, but this amp will not be out of place in more illustrious company.  This amp will be at home with a huge variety of speakers. One of the best bargains in an amp we have discovered so far.

Power Output Tubes: 6AV5GA - A very well manufactured military tube, made in the USA, by Sylvania in Emporium, Pennsylvania in 1984.  They are a very robust design with cathodes as large as  KT88’s.  From info we have gathered these are actually 6FW5's labeled as 6AV5GA's.  Originally made for demanding military applications, these ideal power tubes provide unrivalled sonic performance in the correct audio circuit.  We are amazed at the speed of these tubes.

Driver Tubes: 12AX7WA's.  Some Elite xx versions may use 6N2P-EV  (6H2n-EB) a very high quality, excellent sounding, near 12AX7 equivalent.

Audio Power Output: Greater than 20 Watts RMS per channel with both channels driven simultaneously.  
Frequency Response - 25 Hz to 22 KHz plus or minus 0.6dB.
Input Sensitivity: 1.2 volt RMS signal will provide full output.
Input Impedance: 100K Ohms.
Output Impedance: Comes wired for 8 Ohms, 4 ohm and 16 ohm taps are available.  Please contact us if you need these.
Hum and Noise -  Less than 1.5 millivolts or minus 56dBv on the output jacks.

Dimensions without wood base: 12” W x 8.0” D x 7.5” H  Weight: 30 lb..


Warranty: Lifetime on amp, 1 year on tubes.

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